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The idea of the Early Works Artists Gallery (EWAG) was sparked off more than twenty years ago at Shantiniketan. At that time, the hotbed of art and culture was seething with the fire of change that was also igniting throughout the country, fanned by the winds of liberalization and the emergence of a new India. In Tagore’s town this was manifesting itself in the questioning of tradition by the new generation. There was a desire to experiment and find new ways of expressing individualism by breaking away from institutional teachings. Several of these artists today represent the modern spirit of the Bengal School of Art.


What began as small collection of art by iconoclastic students of the 1990s has grown into a gallery of early works by a variety of artists, including several currently well-known names. Apart from his private collection, EWAG also represents other early works vetted by him and his art advisors. The effort is to identify upcoming artists as well as trace early creations of established artists of today. The gallery therefore presents a collection that is truly unique.
While this attempt is presently confined to fine arts of the Bengal School, EWAG soon hopes to paint a wider canvas encompassing artists from other regions and also other genres.


As an art gallery EWAG specializes in offering work of a kind that is usually unavailable elsewhere.
• For artists it is a showcase for the evolution of their talent and work tinged with nostalgia
• For discerning buyers present well before it gets recognized in conventional markets.
• For those ‘who don’t know much about art but know what they like’ there’s much to like
• For those interested in renowned artists, there are hard-to-find works from their formative days
• For regular art lovers we are a forum with expertise on what (and who) is new and happening.

Our expertise is available to whoever wants it for buying or selling a painting, or simply knowing more about it. For any query please do contact us

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