In this new section that we are starting today, we want to bring you, quite literally, the buzz that is on the different art campuses – which are filled with talented young people who are in training and in waiting to make their mark in the art world.
Many of them have already shown early promise – and of those we have enough examples of in our Gallery – the Early Works Art Gallery. This is the breeding ground for artists who shall go on to become famous in a few short years.
This is very novel initiative taken by EWAG to bring together the happenings in the different Fine Arts Colleges and Institutes in one forum. We shall be telling you about what is taking place inside these campuses. We shall be talking to the teachers; we shall be talking to the students.

So all of you following our facebook Page and also our EWAG’s blog, EMag, would be able to get a feel of the life and works of the students many of whose works you would be buying from us. This is a rare opportunity for an interaction that would develop between our buyers and patrons and our artists.
This can only augur well for the future.