As we have been reporting, the Nandan Mela is a very level platform where students and teachers work together and display their work side by side. Some of the work of the students is so meritorious that they are worth their place alongside the work of their teachers.

The teachers whose works you should look out for in this year’s Nandan Mela are:

In Painting – Jogen Chowdhury, Parthapratim Deb, KG Subramanium, Sanat Kar, Prasanta Sahu, Sk. Shahajahan, Nandalal Mukherjee, Ambarish Nandan, Rajarshi Biswas, Dilip Mitra, Sitangshu Mukhopadhyay, Arghapriya Majumdar, and Dharitree Barua.

In Sculpture – Pankaj Panwar, Sutanu Chatterjee, Rishi Barua, Sushen Ghosh, and Sajad Hamdani

In Sculpture – Pankaj Panwar, Sutanu Chatterjee, Rishi Barua, Sushen Ghosh, and Sajad Hamdani

In Design (Ceramics & Glass and Textiles) – Gautam Das, Madi Linda, P. Bhattacharya, Krishnendu Bag, Sakkhigopal Saha, Sisir Saha, and Debashish Das.

In History of Art – Samik Nandi Majumdar, Rishab G Narjari, Sanjoy Mallick and R. Sivakumar.

NANDAN MELA SPECIALS : A rare and exciting Annual of Student Art

The epicentre of young, student art, for the moment, is now Shantiniketan – Vishva Bharati’s Art section, called Kala Bhavan.
For about 15 days now, all the students here have been engaged in a frenzy of activity. They have been producing and finishing hundreds of works of art and craft for a unique art fair that is held on the 1st and 2nd of December ever year  – the Nandan Mela.

For those who know about this event, Shantiniketan is the place to be in over these two days. This is because this Art Fair is an event organised and participated in by the students and their teachers – many of them in an advisory role. For this event whole Departments work together to make compelling works that can sell to a large gathering of buyers over these two days. The buyers comprise seasoned art collectors nowadays, because they have come to know of the importance of this event now. But the crowds that come also include tourists, local people and those who live in the neighbouring towns and villages – people who have come to the local ‘mela’ for the fun of it.

Another thing to note is that the works of the teachers are sold at higher prices, obviously. Most of this work is of a high standard and available here more cheaply than they would be anywhere else. This is a major attraction for the knowledgeable buyers.


Welcome back to the Early Works Art Gallery. This week, too, we have a full hand of Art related topics for you. Here are some of the people you would meet this week:
Welcome back to the Early Works Art Gallery This week, too, we have a full hand of Art related topics for you

veggie market
DSCN8874 - Copy
Barbican salutes Marcel Duchamp, man who transformed 20th century art
Tom Wesselmann
How many of them do you know?


Welcome to a wet washed, wild week now that the monsoon have swept through the Indian plains bringing near record rainfall in many parts of North India and the East. Once again, this week, we have a full selection of titbits from the Art World – from Procedures and Techniques in Art to Art Events around the world and in our country to another exciting new artist profile and work and a bit about Art History. So, there is a lot in store for you, as there is every week.
Do write in to us with your responses and questions. We would do our best to answer you and improve our website and social media to take into account your tastes.
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Young and Early Art

This week be prepared for more titbits from the Art World, specifically – young and Early Art. You can meet a fresh New Artist on Thursday. Tuesdays, we keep for Art Techniques and Procedures – where you can also participate in sharing your views from the curated content published here. Art enthusiasts would, no doubt find these jottings of interest and be able to better understand the processes that go into making of an artwork. Events in the Art Calendar make up our Wednesday section where we mention important events in Art around the world and in the sub-continent. On Friday we talk of Art History and the moments that have defined Art of its time through the ages.
We look forward to your comments – both here and on our Facebook page. We welcome active discussions and debates from all. Here is a peep into what you would meet in the week coming up. Do you know who they are?

Karl Klic



Esphyr Slobodkina
Priyaranjan Purkait



The rains have come to most parts of India and the sunburnt, steamy land is relieved to have some comfort at last. We welcome you to this mild week with soft skies and refreshing showers. Artists have had a love affair with rain, especially in South Asia. Their work captures the spirit of the place and the beauty of the monsoon. This is a season that is almost unique to our part of the world.

Shameek Kumar Ghosh_rain_2Shameek Kumar Ghosh_Kolkata in the rains

rain in KolkataRain through the windscreen

Monsoon on glass paneRains in the countryside

kolkata-monsoon-dilip-choudharyKolkata Monsoon, by Dilip Choudhary

Churchgate_Watercolor_on_Paper_22_x_301-ananta_mandalStation in Bombay, by Ananta Mandal

Streets in rain_B Nadees Prabou Rain on streets, by B Nadees Prabou


We wish you all a happy and relaxed weekend. The showers that have been playing hide and seek with us over the past week in parts of India would refresh some. Others would have to cool off in the shade or indoors. Some of you may be holidaying in better climes or abroad.
For all of you – in India or overseas, here is a weekend pic – a painting by Stephen Anderson – cheekily named “Last Mango In Paris”. Here or away, this fruit would beat the heat in the sweetest possible way!

last-mango-in-paris-stephen-anderson Last Mango In Paris – by Stephen Anderson

Religious Street Art


Welcome to the working week! The monsoons are starting to peep into some corners of India and there is hope for rain in the coming week. Meanwhile the world of art is busy with more and more works of young artists – imaginative, varied and bold.
On each of the days of the week, we shall address different aspects of art in our EMAG section of EWAG (Early Works Art Gallery) – from Art in Life Around Us to Videos of art and artists to Events in the Art Calendar to Art History to Techniques and Procedures in Art. We shall also feature an exciting new artist this week.
Walking through Indian streets we are assailed by colour and smells and street life in all its moods. This is living art. And the different religions of India also give rise to a certain kind of art found only in the subcontinent. We are so familiar with them that we, often, do not see them as art – but art they are, and very much part of the texture of Indian life. We all know what they are, what they are called in different parts of the country. They characterise our built environment and are part of us – whether we are believers or not, or to what persuasion we belong to.
road art

Religious street art at the Kalighat temple in Calcutta (Kolkata) in West Bengal in India.

Q1 poster 1 street art

pune street art kasba peth kelly australian street artist

street art religious

religious on street art

To Art and Openings

Welcome to our exciting space dedicated to Art and to young artists and people starting their careers in art anew. In this, we are different from any other art gallery or, indeed, art website. Our name proclaims our intention and interest – we are the Early Works Art Gallery, showcasing the best of young spirit. Because young is whatever gathers energy under its tightened haunches to make the leap to realisation. Young is anything that starts, at any age, at any stage in life.
However, we do intend to also feature some known names, but here too, we shall concentrate on their early work – either from their student years or from their opening experiments in their lifelong dialogue with their chosen muse.


We open now, with our collection of young artists in the starting stages of their career, in India. Every month we shall introduce four new artists and feature one Artist of the Month. Soon we hope to spread our reach and take artists from all over the world under our wings. So, you can be sure of seeing a lot of artists here for the first time who would, very soon, go on to become big names in their own fields. This is our belief, and our faith in our chosen artists convinces us to promote them at this delicate moment of their debut.
Our website and literature would also talk about trends in art, techniques and processes used, and movements that world art has gone through. We shall also have lively reportage of events in the art world, and who is doing what and where.
We call upon artists from all lands and in all fields of visual arts – painting, fresco, murals, watercolour, pen and ink, pencil or charcoal, etchings and lithographs, photography and collage, superstructures and mobiles, sculpture and installation art – to use our platform to show the world their talent and ideas. We are open to any anything that can excite our interest and we are aquiver with expectation.
To the world at large – to buyers, art aficionados, connoisseurs, critics, curators, collectors and new enthusiasts – we have only two things to say:
Buy art cheap now, let it complement your interiors, let it appreciate in value, enjoy it!
Trust us – because our selection of artists is sure to go on to being names to reckon with in the near future.

We intend to sell and make money – for ourselves, for the artists and for you. We are pleased with our venture, dream and love – the Early Works Art Gallery – and delighted to share our journey through the discovery of fresh, new artworks with you. This can be the beginning of a great relationship!

img Young artists and early works are greatly appreciated all over the world

Duchamp’s first paintings

img1 Nude descending a staircase by Marcel Duchamp

This was one of Duchamp’s first paintings and was not acclaimed when it was made. Though Duchamp veered away from this style totally, after this Early Work, this painting went on to become one of the most famous works of art.

It is very warm in India and many parts of the world closer to the Equator – and it is equally sizzling in the world of young art! All over the world young artists are putting their ideas to canvas, stone, wood, paper, working assiduously in all manner of material, to channelize the energy onrush of youth. Of course, we also pay attention to the works of older artists who have heeded their inner call to the world of art. Their work may not be characterised by raw energy, but would have insight from the experience they have gathered in walks of life before they turned to art.

img2 Jackson Pollock’s early surrealistic work

This week we have a slew of notifications for you. We would be putting down our intentions here at EWAG, for all to see and share in our joy in Early Works of Art. We would look at events in the Art Calendar all over the world. We would present a fresh young artist. And we would talk about Art History as well as art procedures.
So, stay with us and look forward to all the excitement every day of the week!