Thousands of craftspeople from all parts of India and also visiting crafts folk from overseas makes the Crafts Mela at Surajkund, about 8 – 10 kms south of Delhi, the largest crafts fair in the world. Since it started in 1981, this unique fair has grown in size every year to become the must see and must visit occasion for all who are interested in crafts – especially the priceless handicrafts of India. The fair goes on for half a month (a little more than two weeks) and stretches from the 1st to the 15th of February, this year.

The term Surajkund means “Lake of the Sun” which is an artificial lake constructed against the backdrop of the Aravalli hills. There is an amphitheatre ‘sun pool’ dating back to the 10th century, parts of which can still be seen here.

This most important and colourful crafts fair was started by Haryana Tourism and is participated in by artists, painters, weavers, sculptors, and people practicing hundreds of traditional and new crafts from all over India. Every year a particular state is set as the theme state and several stalls showcase the arts and crafts of that particular state. This year, 2016, the state chosen was the new state of Telengana.

The International Crafts Fair at Surajkund is also an important fixture in the international calendar of arts and crafts. Not only do all the Indian states participate in this event, the fair is also host to 20 countries who are all displaying their skills and crafts at this fairground. More than a million visitors, including many foreign tourists and crafts lovers come to this fair.

The flavours and fragrances are rustic and very ‘real’ and exude the true spirit of India with all its diversity in the fields of arts and crafts. There are also several food stalls in the fairground where visitors can taste exquisite meals from several Indian states. The multi-cuisine Food Court provides ethnic cuisines from all over the world, which are immensely popular with visitors. There are designated places for amusement, adventure sports and joy rides to make it a must visit event for the young.

Indian traditions and culture puts on a great display at Surajkund over the fortnight of the fair. Many of the artisans who participate here are young – bringing with them their handed down traditions and their young dreams. The Early Works Art Gallery salutes their efforts and talent. We wish them all the best in their carrying forward the crafts traditions of India!


We know that all the old clichés are not to be taken as gospel truth. But time and time again, they have been proved to be true. There is a reason why these sayings were coined in the first place and then came to be so often used as to become clichés.

The morning, as the old chestnut avers, shows the day, which means that the indication of what kind of a day it would be can be had from the events that unfold right at the start of it. So too, can the careers of artists. Many times we can spot ability right at the beginning of an artist’s career. In fact, right from their student days.

There is a lot that has to be taught to someone who is going to have a future as an artist. But there also has to be natural talent for the person to become an artist of repute and renown. This promise can be understood when seeing the early works of the student.

Our passion and our business is wrapped up in this early work – the initial compositions of visual artists from a wide variety of fields. This is why we call ourselves the Early Works Art Gallery.

We promote young talent, we scour the schools and institutes of art, and bring the best from them to you. When you buy from us you are not only encouraging a young artist, you are also investing in the future – because these artworks that you buy are sure to appreciate in value as time goes on. And in the meantime, you can enjoy their beauty in your home or workplace.


Fresh from the Nandan Mela where we spent the better part of last week, we are all enthused anew about the youthful spirit and the desire for innovation and experimentation in art.

Our Gallery is called the Early Works Art Gallery – EWAG, for short. And this Early Art is not art from the beginning of civilization. What we mean by Early Art is art from the early stages of an artists career.

We feature painters, sculptors, assemblage artists, performers, installation artists, photographers, video artists and anyone who has a creation to express to the world. In our weekly section on new talent, every Thursday, you would see a New Artist profiled. These are handpicked for you – from the pool of talent that we have in India.

Our promise is that the art you buy today, cheaply (because these are not famous names) would appreciate in value in future. Therefore, not only do you get to appreciate the art work in your home or work space, you also have an investment for the future. The art you buy from us today can be sold for many times your buying price five or ten years from now.

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Early Works of Art, by which we mean art from the early period of an artist’s life – perhaps from student years, or from later years when the artist had taken up art – are our subject and passion. This is the art we exhibit and sell in our Gallery – the Early Works Art Gallery.
Early works can be very mature, or they can be the preparation for future excellence. All the artists that we pick up and represent have shown early promise and we take art only on its merit. Early work may be priced cheap – but it is not cheap art. It comes at a low cost to buyers but is, nonetheless, meritorious. The artists you would see in our collection are, what we like to call – the Future Famous. You could have them on your walls in your homes and offices, workplaces, holiday homes and studios right now, for a very reasonable price. But in time, we can assure you, that these works of art would appreciate in value – as these artists become better and better known in the art world.

We have on offer works, the early works, of artists who are already known names today. Yet, you would be able to buy these works from us at a very competitive price. The works by today’s students are available at throwaway rates – but are sure to give you great joy for a long time. Additionally, they are bound to go up in value over the years.
So, if you want to invest in art, come to us. Early Art is a fantastic opportunity to invest in. The prices are low and the investments have manifold value: both pleasure and also profit.