Collective Spaces 2016


15th Feb – 15th Mar


11:30am – 07:30pm


MEC Art Gallery, Building No. 70-B, First Level, Near Cafe Coffee Day, Khan Market, Central, Delhi NCR

Coming with their seventh exhibition, the Collective Spaces at MEC Art Gallery will showcase the work by Anupam Singh, C. Acharya,  Debasish Mishra, Jenson Anto, Murali cheeroth, Monideep Saha, Ramesh Gorjala, Paresh Mridha, Rahim Mirza, Taral Balu, Tapan Dash, Yogendra Tripathi, and Others. On display will be their work ranging from graphics, paintings to drawings. The artists have worked on bringing out his or her own thoughts of origina, idealistic and truthful content, from their native city.

Kavdsa – Fine Art Photography


11th Mar – 15th Mar


10:00am – 06:00pm


Visual Art Gallery, India Habitat Centre, In India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, South, Delhi NCR

Kavdsa, a fine-art photography exhibition by Shailan Parker, is being held at Visual Art Gallery. The idea is to create art using the digital medium of photography. Shailan’s works on display show his skills with lighting and drawing abstract art from nature.

The word ‘Kavadsa’ orginates from Marathi language, which means ‘light that enters a darkened room through chinks in a tilled roof’. Kavadsa is a creation that depicts Shailan’s personal expression and experience, that came to him over the years.

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