NANDAN MELA SPECIALS : A rare and exciting Annual of Student Art

The epicentre of young, student art, for the moment, is now Shantiniketan – Vishva Bharati’s Art section, called Kala Bhavan.
For about 15 days now, all the students here have been engaged in a frenzy of activity. They have been producing and finishing hundreds of works of art and craft for a unique art fair that is held on the 1st and 2nd of December ever year  – the Nandan Mela.

For those who know about this event, Shantiniketan is the place to be in over these two days. This is because this Art Fair is an event organised and participated in by the students and their teachers – many of them in an advisory role. For this event whole Departments work together to make compelling works that can sell to a large gathering of buyers over these two days. The buyers comprise seasoned art collectors nowadays, because they have come to know of the importance of this event now. But the crowds that come also include tourists, local people and those who live in the neighbouring towns and villages – people who have come to the local ‘mela’ for the fun of it.

Another thing to note is that the works of the teachers are sold at higher prices, obviously. Most of this work is of a high standard and available here more cheaply than they would be anywhere else. This is a major attraction for the knowledgeable buyers.

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